$SPN A booster for the Digital World for Fan Engagement

Sportzchain platform’s fan engagement activities are built on blockchain and $SPN will be the sole native token that drives these activities. Fans, whilst engaging, will also reap the benefits of Engage-2-Earn, Watch-2-Earn, Gamefi etc.


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$SPN is a utility token and acts as a booster for the Sportzchain platform.

$SPN will be the fuel that would drive the engine of Sportzchain’s Digital World for Fans, empowering billions of fans by providing them access to VIP privileges, gamification contests, quality content, and a whole lot more. $SPN will be at the very core of this platform’s functions. With $SPN, the gap between, clubs/teams, management, and fans will be bridged, and fans will be able to reap financial rewards over short as well as long-term.

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With $SPN, fans would be able to buy their favorite team’s branded token and reap various engagement benefits with the teams

$SPN holders will be eligible to participate in a weekly lotto and have a chance to win 80% of the lottery pool.

$SPN holders can get up to 40% APY staking rewards through various staking programs.

Exclusive giveaways, contests with attractive prizes, and free fan token airdrops worth up to $50,000 before the public sale

20% of the platform-wide annual revenue will be allocated for “Buy & Burn” and “Buy & Lock” processes

$SPN is a unique utility asset that aims to revolutionize the sports world in terms of fan engagement. From bragging rights to high financial rewards, the benefits of $SPN are numerous.


Ticker                           SPN

Token Type                ERC20

Circulating Supply   ~1.5% at TGE

Total Supply               10,000,000,000


You can check $SPN’s official contract address on Etherscan – a reputed block explorer and analytics platform powered by the Ethereum network.


SPN is certified by Certik which is one of the best blockchain security firms in the world pioneering the use of cutting-edge Formal Verification technology on smart contracts and blockchain networks.