Sports token (or commonly referred to as a fan token) is a branded token developed using blockchain technology by sporting teams around the world that provides an avenue for them to engage and empower their fans. These tokens are essentially a entry to various activities and experiences that are currently available to a limited few

$SPN token is a propereitary token of the Sportzchain platform. $SPN token acts as the engine to the platform that enables you to buy and sell other sports tokens (or fan tokens), engage in mutliple activities and money cant buy experiences while reaping financial and non financial rewards

Sportzchain is Asia’s leading sports fan engagement and fan token platform. Our vision is to create a digital world for fans and sporting fraternities that would eliminate the current hurdles for fans and bring them closer to the teams they support and convert it into a long-lasting relationship, wherein fans and teams can both contribute to and benefit from each other.

Sports token or fan token will be floated by the sporting teams on Sportzchain platform. Fans can buy these tokens using our proprietary $SPN tokens. Owning these tokens gives fans an access to certain VIP previleges and experiences. Fans can also buy and sell these tokens on our platform.